Food Tourism, Restaurants Revitalizing Tucson

Tucson Local Media

Jeff Gardener

July 5th, 2018

They say you are what you eat. If that statement is true, then Tucsonans must be equal parts multifaceted, high quality and above all, thriving. 

Dozens of Tucson eateries have opened this year, including American Eat Co., Cans, Hoki Poki and more. And on the horizon, the Boxyard, a shipping container mall, is being built on Fourth Avenue. Not only are these new options delicious and diverse, as they grow, Tucson grows with them.

“Restaurants here are growing quickly, and we’re starting to see diversity in them as well,” said Travis Reese, co-owner of 47 Scott. “There are new, really unique concepts in these restaurants we haven’t seen before. We’re in a more mature culinary scene now, and it’s growing in cool ways.” 

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