Tucson City of Gastronomy Employee Brings New Focus to the Table

Edible Baja Arizona

Leah Merrall

December 14, 2017

It’s been two years since Tucson was designated a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, a title reflective of Tucson’s rich food history and culture. In November, the Tucson City of Gastronomy board hired Erik Stanford, who worked as a chef at the Cup Café, The Carriage House, Exo Roast Co., and 5 Points Market and Restaurant before launching his own food hub, Pivot Produce. Now, Stanford is adding the title of ‘assistant to the Tucson City of Gastronomy’ to his resume. We spoke about his new responsibilities, what he hopes to accomplish, and the significance of Tucson’s designation as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy.

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